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MycoPhyto Complex

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MycoPhyto Complex

MycoPhyto Complex

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Potent Immune System Support

Physician formulated by Isaac Eliaz, MD, MycoPhyto Complex is an all-natural super-immunity compound, enhanced by a revolutionary growing technique.*

  • Supports Healthy Immune Function*
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Safe; Gluten & Allergen Free

6 Medicinal Mushrooms for Cellular and Immune Support*

The mushrooms in MycoPhyto Complex provide acute and long-term immune support, while additional beta-glucans (natural immune promoting phytochemicals) further strengthen the formula and help promote vitality and resilience.*

Highest Quality and Potency*

The full body mushroom mycelia in MycoPhyto Complex are of the highest quality, and provide a broad spectrum of action which ensures comprehensive support. Clinical observations suggest that when medicinal herbs are used to grow the mushrooms, it greatly increases their health benefits. Our mushrooms are cultivated in the United States in a carefully controlled indoor environment, on a blend of immune-enhancing herbs and organic brown rice. This innovative growing technique increases the mushrooms' potency.*

Formula Research

Numerous varieties of medicinal mushrooms have been researched for their unique health supporting properties. Many medicinal mushrooms are part of the extensive pharmacopeia of traditional Asian practices, and have been used by traditional herbalists for thousands of years. In 2011, scientific research on MycoPhyto Complex showed its effectiveness in the maintenance and promotion of cellular health.*

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MycoPhyto® Complex:

  • Supports Healthy Immune Function*
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Safe; Gluten & Allergen Free
Dr. Isaac Eliaz

"MycoPhyto Complex is the only medicinal mushroom formula cultivated on immune-enhancing herbs, and is the most potent formula available for powerful immune support."*

- Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, L.Ac.

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