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The mission of ecoNugenics® is to improve lives with high quality, research supported nutraceuticals. Our unique approach is based on the thoughtful blending of modern science with the ancient wisdom of traditional and complementary therapies.

  • Padma Basic:
    Supports cardiovascular & immune health.*
  • PectaClear:
    Clinically shown to promote safe removal of environmental toxins and toxic metals.*
  • PectaSol-C:
    Clinically shown to support cellular health.*
  • HonoPure:
    Powerful cellular health support.*
  • ProstaCaid:
    Scientifically proven prostate support.*
  • BreastDefend:
    Scientifically proven to promote breast health.*
Prop 65
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    At ecoNugenics, we hold a deep respect for mushrooms, and with good reason. Mushrooms are some of the most powerful botanicals known to man. This is not news -- traditional healers worldwide have long revered the remarkable health-promoting propertie Learn More…

  • Our Secret to More Energy

    We've heard the clichés so many times: You are what you eat. Good food supports good health. Let thy food be thy medicine... So why then, do so many people struggle with feeling fatigued and depleted - despite the fact that they follow healthy diets Learn More…

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